Friday, July 18, 2014

On My Travels, Stricken... A short from FUBAR: BY THE SWORD #2

A short story from FUBAR: By the Sword #2. If you enjoy it please consider buying a digital copy here The print version is long out of print. The guys behind FUBAR are some of the hardest working talents I know and deserve your support. A story from the now-live FUBAR: By the Sword Kickstarter: SUPPORT


  1. It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Man that story was sick and short and really dark. But so true. Nothing to live for so he gives the love of his life the only thing he can, food. Plus he gets to join her as a zombie unless she eats all of him. He could have chosen another path and gave her freedom and eternal rest and peace. But then I guess that would have added more demons to his soul. Anywho. I know Im looking too deep into it but for a short story its very powerful. And it also really projects the spirits of the Japanese Samurai and their honor for their family over themselves. Anywho AWESOME story. Cant wait for the book to come out. Waiting on a reply from Jeff on KS for more information about a couple of the tiers before I chose which one to do. Thanks for sharing. Im going to post this on my facebook for others to see as well as a link to the Kickstarter. You should also have a link to the kickstarter above the story for others to see as well. Will definitely check out your other work and google to see if you have a webstore to purchase directly from you.

  3. Nice story and really interesting. I am also a comic book artist with some stories to illustrate. however, I have left off some years now and was really trying to get back to what I enjoy doing most... Illustration and art, when I stumbled on this piece.

    Really nice work. Looking forward to the book...