Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Reviews of Vic Boone

Today's post is going to be a short one. It's been a long semi-stressful day. Luckily, I came home to two positive reviews of Vic Boone which have the same effect as Calgon.

First up is a review from Aaron Duran on the Geek in the City podcast. Here's a direct link to the episode-- Vic Boone Review. The whole episode is worth a listen. The guys on Geek in the City are great, funny, and have nice voices.

The other review is from Randy Hadleman on his blog This Isn't Work. Randy compares my skills at dialoguing to Ed Brubaker and Brian Bendis. Not sure I've ever had kinder words said. Here's the review-- Vic Boone Review #2.

As always, Love, Peace, and Hair Grease.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Zuda Entry that Never Was

Below are the pages for a Zuda entry which never made it in. Zuda closed up shop days after this was sent in. The idea, Japanese Demon Killers, was based on an idea the artist had come up with. He gave me the basics which I took and layered with tons of Japanese mythology and folklore. I'm not sure there's another work, before or since, for which I've done as much research.

I think the final product is ok. It has it's flaws. The writing is stiff and forced in a few places, but overall I enjoyed working in it's world. I think it had potential, though I think anything with a masked Japanese wrestler who wrestled gods has potential. Also it contains a haiku and Vincent Price. Enjoy...or not.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vic Boone #1 for Free

Yep. Here's Vic Boone #1 for free. Download it, share it, love it, hate it. The Malfunction: Murder Vic Boone trade is coming out soon, so hopefully this taste will entice you to purchase it.

Vic Boone #1

Why is Savannah Greene African-American?

Why is Savannah Greene African-American?
  It's a question I'm asked more than I thought I would be. I assume most are searching for some deep meaning answer like, "I wanted to explore how society views interracial relationships." The truth is I've never viewed Savannah as anything more than a strong female character. Her race was never anything more than a salute to Pam Grier and to a few former girlfriends.


I wasn't searching for extra credit or an article to be written about how brave and forward thinking I was being by having Boone's former lover being an African-American woman. I think the moment you start hyping yourself up for having "diversity" or "exploring political/social hot topics" you devalue your comic a little. You take the focus off of the important thing--The Story. It also makes things like race, sexual preference, religion, etc come off as gimmicks, minor steps above holographic covers. Things such as that should come about because that's who the character is not because it'll get the New York Times to write an article about you.

Savannah is African-American because she always was in my mind. That's the answer.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Kid Gloves: The old idea that's new again

Another coming attraction with artist Conley Smith. This is probably my oldest idea and has gone through numerous incarnations from young adult to Vertigo style. I've settled on doing it as a young adult style graphic novel. I figured at some point I had to do something that was Silas friendly. He'll want to read something his father wrote...I hope.

The book is called Kid Gloves. It revolves around Jacob, a boy who is given gloves made from the robe of Merlin. Joining in his adventures is Alise, a faerie who is a little too concerned with fashion, and Victor, a stuffy shrunken head attached to the end of a broom stick.

Here's some preliminary sketches of Jacob and Alise by Conley. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mr Zero

One of the project I'm working on now is Mr Zero. The artist is the extremely talented Jim McMunn. It'll be an original graphic novel. I plan to tell the main characters story via third person accounts and visuals. Zero has no dialogue, thought balloons, or captions. It'll be a challenge, but luckily I have a talented artist I believe can pull it off.

The Pencil and the Baby

The main purpose of this site is to discuss my writing and where it's headed or not headed. But it'll probably end up revolving around juggling this--
With this--