Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why is Savannah Greene African-American?

Why is Savannah Greene African-American?
  It's a question I'm asked more than I thought I would be. I assume most are searching for some deep meaning answer like, "I wanted to explore how society views interracial relationships." The truth is I've never viewed Savannah as anything more than a strong female character. Her race was never anything more than a salute to Pam Grier and to a few former girlfriends.


I wasn't searching for extra credit or an article to be written about how brave and forward thinking I was being by having Boone's former lover being an African-American woman. I think the moment you start hyping yourself up for having "diversity" or "exploring political/social hot topics" you devalue your comic a little. You take the focus off of the important thing--The Story. It also makes things like race, sexual preference, religion, etc come off as gimmicks, minor steps above holographic covers. Things such as that should come about because that's who the character is not because it'll get the New York Times to write an article about you.

Savannah is African-American because she always was in my mind. That's the answer.

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